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Information on the Institution

Student Admission

Student admissions, examinations and assessment are managed in accordance with Higher Education Act and Higher Education Regulations based on the act. In this regard, Recep Tayyip Erdogan University students are provided the information booklet during admission process.

The application and admission procedures of Recep Tayyip Erdogan University are conducted by the Department of Student Affairs; the regulations and guidelines relevant to this issue can be reached at

Undergraduate Programs

The process of student placement to associate and undergraduate degree programs of Higher Education Institutions is administered by Turkish Council of Higher Education (ÖSYM) with the help of Placement Examination. This examination consists of two stages. The first stage of this examination is called Examination for the Transition to Higher Education (YGS) and the second stage is named as Undergraduate Student Placement Examination (LYS). The candidates that get 140 points out of 500 in Examination for the Transition to Higher Education (YGS) are able to enter Undergraduate Student Placement Examination (LYS). Undergraduate Student Placement Examination (LYS) comprises the tests of Maths, Science, Foreign Language, Social Sciences and Literature- Geography. The students just attend the tests that are related to their own fields, and the candidates who get 180 points out of 500 are supposed to apply for the programs that accept students with relevant kinds of points. The candidates are placed into the undergraduate programs by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) regarding the points they get from YGS and LYS, and their grade point average (high school grade point average in Turkish education system).

The students that undergo the process of placement are required to register on the dates that are determined by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) and announced by related universities.

Associate Programs

Apart from high school or vocational high school diplomas, in accordance with the result of the Student Selection and Placement Examination, the preference of the student, and high school grade point average, the student will be placed into a program. Graduates of vocational high schools are eligible for registration to the relevant program without any exam results provided that they are applying to a program that they have a high school degree in.

Graduate Programs

In order to apply for a postgraduate program, candidates must have an undergraduate degree and they must have an ALES score which will be determined by the senate and which can not be less than 55 in their types of scores.

The candidates who wish to apply for the doctorate programs must have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or a diploma of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Education including at least ten semesters except for preparatory classes, undergraduate and post graduate degree of the Faculties of Pharmacy and Sciences or a license of specialization gained in the field of laboratory in accordance with the principals of Ministry of Health. Equivalence of undergraduate and post graduate diplomas which are received abroad must be confirmed by YOK. Applicants to the doctoral program with a Bachelor's degree must have at least 80 point from ALES in their type of score or an equivalent score to 70 of ALES from GRE or GMAT.

The candidates having completed their postgraduate education must have at least 55 standard points from ALES in their type of score or an equivalent score to 55 of ALES from GRE or GMAT.

The candidates applying for doctorate must have at least 55 from UDS or an equivalent score from the exams recognized by Interuniversity Board. Apart from their mother tongues, foreign students must get minimum 55 from one of English, French, German and Arabic languages or have an equivalent score from an exam recognized by Interuniversity Board.

Foreign nationals candidates and also Turkish citizens residing abroad must have a bachelor's degree and must have an equivalent score to 55 of ALES from Graduate Record Examination(GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test.

For International Students

Considering the central exam results administered in their native countries and their high school grade point average in the light of the principles determined by the Presidency of Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Higher Education Council and the University Senate, The application of those;

  1. Who hold a citizenship other than Republic of Turkey
  2. Who hold the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey or the citizenship of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and who have completed their whole high school education in another country other than,

TRNC will be processed and the applicants will be placed into previously announced vacancies in accordance with their preferences.

Exchange Students

The application and registration proceedings of exchange students arriving at the University by means of bilateral agreements or international relations, the bilateral agreements and concerning legislation provisions are conducted by International Office.