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General Informations for Students

Cost of Living

Rize is a historical city that is home to many beautiful aspects, with a population of 365.938 people. The cost of living can vary according to personal living standards.

The cost of living for a student ranges between 200 and 400 Euros per month.

Accommodation: Accommodation per person ranges between 100 and 200 Euros. This figure will change according to the location and dimensions of the property, and the number of persons sharing. Students who wish may remain on Credit and Dormitories Institution Dormitories.

Expenses: Approximately 100-200 Euro per month (food, transport and a variety of other expenses)

The prices of some items in Turkish Lira (TL) and Euro basis
A loaf of bread 1 TL 0.50 Euros
A cup of coffee in an ordinary cafe 2-4 TL 1-2 Euros
One liter of water in a supermarket 1 TL 0.50 Euros
Hamburger 4 TL 2 Euros
Coke in a market 2 TL 1 Euros
One kg of sugar 3.5 TL 1.5 Euros
One kilogram of chicken 6 TL 3 Euros
A dozen of eggs 2 TL 1 Euros
A kg beef 20-25 TL 15 Euros
One lt Vegetable oil 4 TL 2 Euros
Bus ticket (student) 1.4 TL 0.56 Euros
A liter of oil 4.5 TL 2.4 Euros
Cinema ticket (student) 8-10 TL 5 Euros