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General Informations for Students

Recognition of Prior Learning

“Regulation on Transfer Between Associate Degree and Undergraduate Programs, Double Degree, Minor Degree and Credit Transfer Between Institutions at Higher Education Institutions” is applied to the students who requests to be transferred from Turkish or foreign higher education institutions to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University.

Transfers between different higher education institutions’ bachelor degree programs or bachelor degree programs in the same higher education institution can only be made within the framework of the numbers and transfer conditions announced before. Criterion to be used for evaluation of transfer applications and minimum conditions needed for transfer is determined by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University Senate. Applications are evaluated according to the criteria determined by the university senate and transfer is provided by the allocated quota.

A faculty, college or vocational school located within the same area of the vocational school or other of its own faculties, colleges, , or equivalent level within the vocational school diploma program may be transferred within the quota set by the board of directors. Relevant committees identify in which semester or class the student will be adapted by considering the courses taken in previous terms and the ones to be taken on the program transferred to according to the principles determined by the senate; determine an adaptation program that consist of the additional courses and the courses the student is exempted from if there are any.

For transfer to higher education institutions where the courses are given in a foreign language partially or totally, it is required to be successful in the proficiency exam of the institution or during the application process to submit a document showing that the candidate has the score determined as required by the institution.

The quota for the students who have graduated from vocational high schools to make vertical transfer to undergraduate programs which are the follow-up of their fields of graduation is reserved. Council of Higher Education (YOK) decides on which undergraduate programs to be opened for the graduates of vocational high schools who have the required qualifications to apply for the undergraduate programs of formal education, which graduates can apply for the concerning undergraduate programs, the quotas of these programs and types of score to be used for the placement of these students to related programs taking into account of the opinions and suggestion and these are announced by YOK.

Each year Student Selection and Placement Centre (OSYM) prepares a guide that shows which undergraduate programs the graduates of vocational high schools, open university associate degree programs and those attending the last year of the high school who meet the necessary qualifications apart from internship for the graduation can apply for the vertical transfer to undergraduate programs, the qualifications and the quota for these programs. The candidates take an exam composed of verbal and numeric sections. The scores they get from the exam and their general academic average are taken into account. OSYM decides on how to calculate the Vertical Transfer Exam Score by adding academic grade point averages to form Weighted Associate Degree Score to the exam score it is stated in the guide of Vertical Transfer Exam.

The student who wants to apply for a transfer to any postgraduate program must submit the required documents to related institute at least 10 work days before the start of the academic year. Applications are determined before the start of education by considering the suggestions of the related department.