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General Informations for Students

Student Clubs

There are 38 student clubs founded by students in our University. In addition to concerts and performances, student clubs organize cultural and social activities as well.

Student Clubs
ID Name
1. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University Theatre Club
2. Mavera Science, Art, Thought and Research Club
3. Buhari Hadith Research Club
4. Accountancy Club
5. Scientific Research Club
6. Music Club
7. Literature and Culture Club
8. Physics Club
9. Biology Club
10. Youth Club
11. Informatics and Information Club
12. Community Volunteers Club
13. Photography and Cinema Club
14. Press Club
15. Conscious Youth Club
16. Science and Technology Club
17. Nature and Life Photography Club
18. Biruni History and Civilization Club
19. Ataturkist Thought Club
20. Ship-modeling Club
21. Search and Rescue Club
22. History
23. Tourism and Culture
24. Mountaineering
25. Turkish World and History Club
26. Maths Club
27. Visual Arts Club
28. Business Administration Club
29. Robotics Club
30. Ideal Vision, Thought and Idea Club
31. Project and Research Club
32. Culture and Solidarity Club
33. Turkish-Islamic Guild Club
34. Nature and Fishing Club
35. Cultural Values Club
36. Club of Cooperation between University and Industry
37. Social Activities Club
38. Theology Club