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General Informations for Students

Learning Facilities

Prepatory Education

Instruction in foreign languages for short cycle and first cycle students at Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University will be provided by the Foreign Languages School. According to the needs of the faculties and schools, one-year education in English, German, French or Arabic will be provided. Every year in September, the newly registered students will take a placement test to determine their proficiency in the relevant language. Students who receive at least 60 out of 100 points will be able to start education in their own departments. Students how have received sufficient points from internationally recognized exams will be exempt from language preparatory education. Students who receive less than 60 points on the exam will be placed in classes according to the level of their foreign language proficiency. 80 % attendance is mandatory for the preparatory year.

Conference centres

There are multi-functional centres with internet connection on the main campus of our university which host conferences and various other activities such as poetry readings, film and slide shows thoughout the year.


Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University Central Library is located in Zihni Derin Campus. The first floor of the library hosts a Landing Unit, Copy Center, Directorate Office, and the hall where Linguistics, Literature and Reference books are placed.

In the second floor, there are librarian rooms, a computer room, managerial offices and the hall for Science and Technology books. This hall is also used for books relating to the field of Humanities.

In addition, there are library units in various faculties.

  1. Faculty of Education ( Çayeli)
  2. Faculty of Economics and administrative sciences
  3. Faculty of Medicine
  4. Faculty of Theology
  5. Ardeşen Vocational School

Central Library has open shelves and Library of Congress Classification Systems- LC). Titles of subjects/ fields are shown in English and Turkish. Technical and reader services are managed via Yordam Library Automation programme. Our library users can reach the bibliographic data of the books via


Small and large-sized laboratories are used for research and educative purposes in all required departments of the university.