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Short Cycle Programmes (Associate's Degree)
General Description

Mechatronics program is founded in 2012-2013 academic year.

Qualification Awarded

After completing the program, a student will earn Associate Degree in Mechatronics Technician.

Level of Qualification (Short Cycle , First Cycle , Second Cycle, Third Cycle)

Specific Admission Requirements

All the specifications, rules and regulations that are required by OSYM is needed to be admitted.

Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal)

Students enrolled in RTEÜ might be exempted from certain courses within the framework of certain regulations. A student can be exempted from a certain course provided related course content previously received from another institution complies with that of RTEÜ , which is subject to approval and verification by the Board of faculty/graduate school/school.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

To complete the available courses in the program (a total of 120 ECTS) successfully, the students have to get at least 50 points out of 100 and required to achieve 2.00 on a 4.00 weighted grade point average. To graduate from the programs students should get at least CC in all of the courses provided.Students are also required to complete the compulsory practice in the specified time.

Profile of The Programme

Mechatronics of our age is accepted as a new and popular science, mechanical, electrical-electronic and computer engineering come together, the software and control engineering is a concept of interdisciplinary topics that collects under the same roof. Mechatronics Program, used in industrial and commercial business areas of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic, electric or electronic-based or computer-controlled all the equipment, tools, equipment, hardware and equipment to the production systems and the introduction of these technological structures, design, installation, operation, maintenance, repair and development of talented, knowledgeable and specific occupational skills, technical manpower to train.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples

The students who will graduate from this program, will have the knowledge and skills related with the using of the technology in different courses ( Electric-Electronic Measurement, Computer Prgramming, Micro controllers, Programmable Controllers, hydraulic-Pneumatics, Mechanisms, Control Systems, Circuit Analysis, Industrial Robots, etc. ) that they take during their 2nd Year education. The students, who will graduate from Associate’s Degree of Mechatronics Program, will take the title of “Mechatronics Technician”. The graduates can make their own attempts or work at the departments of industrial automation, building automation, automotive, production, robots, control systems or at maintenance repair services of both public and private sectors.

Access to Further Studies

Graduate students of this program may apply to study in undergraduate programs. (Faculty of Technology or Faculty of Engineering)

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

For each course, the method of assessment and grading is defined "Course Information Form" in details. Click for more information about regulations.

Graduation Requirements

Students who enrolled in the courses in the course plans of their undergraduate programs and succeeded in those courses, and those who successfully completed the internships and graduation projects included in TC Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree Teaching, Training and Testing Regulation with a General Point Average of minimum 2.00 are considered as graduates.

Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning )


Address, Programme Director or Equivalent

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University Vocational School of Technical Sciences Electronics and Automation Department Merkez /Rize Tel: 0464 228 00 22 /2140


One mechatronics lab, three computer labs and one PLS lab.

Key Learning Outcomes
Key Programme Learning Outcomes - NQF for HE in Turkey
TYYÇProgram Çıktıları
Course Structure Diagram with Credits
T : Theoretical P: Practice L : Laboratory
1. Semester
Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleType of CourseTPLECTSMufredatID
ATA101Atatürk Principles and Revolution History -ICompulsory2000547
ELK105Direct Current CircuitsCompulsory2200547
ENF111Information and Communication TechnologyCompulsory2000547
TDL101Turkish Language - ICompulsory2000547
2. Semester
Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleType of CourseTPLECTSMufredatID
ELT102Algorithms and ProgrammingCompulsory3000547
ELK102Alternating Current CircuitsCompulsory2200547
ATA102Atatürk Principles and Revolution History -IICompulsory2000547
MKT104Computer Aided Design Compulsory2200547
MKT102Digital Electronics Compulsory2200547
STJ102Training CourseCompulsory0000547
TDL102Turkish Language-IICompulsory2000547
ISG102Working Health and SafetyCompulsory3000547
3. Semester
Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleType of CourseTPLECTSMufredatID
SECMKT03Elective Course Group-03Elective3000547
MKT203Mechanism Technique Compulsory3000547
MKT201Programmable Controllers Compulsory2200547
ELT207Sensors and TransducersCompulsory2000547
STJ201Training Course Compulsory0000547
4. Semester
Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleType of CourseTPLECTSMufredatID
SECMKT04Elective Course Group-04Elective3000547
MKT206Hydraulic-pneumatic-Electro-pneumatic Compulsory3000547
MKT202Microcontrollers Compulsory2200547
ELT202System Analysis and DesignCompulsory2000547
STJ202Training Course Compulsory0000547
Elective Courses Group
Elective Course Group-03
Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleType of CourseTPLECTSMufredatID
MKT207Industrial Motors and Drives Compulsory3000547
MKT209Computer-Aided Manufacturing Compulsory3000547
MKT213Visual Programming Compulsory3000547
MKT219Endüstride Mekatronik UygulamalarıCompulsory3000547
MKT221Yapay ZekaCompulsory3000547
MKT223Endüstriyel Ürün TasarımıCompulsory3000547
Elective Course Group-04
Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleType of CourseTPLECTSMufredatID
ELT218Advanced MicrocontrollersCompulsory3000547
MAT226Math ApplicationsCompulsory3000547
MKT210Process Control Compulsory3000547
MKT216Electromechanical Systems Compulsory3000547
MKT220Gemi MekatroniğiCompulsory3000547
MKT222Makine ElemanlarıCompulsory3000547